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The Finnish Forest Bioeconomy Science Panel

The Finnish Forest Bioeconomy Science Panel offers independent and interdisciplinary research information on the sustainable and versatile use of Finland’s forests. The panel strengthens the knowledge base for decision-making and supports the development of forest-based innovations

What is the Finnish Forest Bioeconomy Science Panel?

The Finnish Forest Bioeconomy Science Panel is an interdisciplinary and independent expert body. The panel provides research information to support political decision-making regarding forests as well as to support innovation development in the forestry sector. The basis of the panel’s activities is the sustainable value chain of forests, i.e., the economic, ecological, social and cultural sustainability of forest use.

The science panel has been appointed by the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and the Ministry of Labor and Economy. Its term of office is from 1 January 2023until 31 December 2026

How does the panel work?

The panel supports political decision-making. It anticipates decision-making needs, synthesizes research on forest bioeconomy and issues policy recommendations when necessary. In addition to decision-making, the information provided by the panel supports the development of forest-based innovations.

The panel prepares statements on legislative initiatives, strategies and policy programs concerning forests and forest utilization. If necessary, the panel supplements its knowledge base by consulting various stakeholders and international experts on the subject.

Why is the panel needed?

75 percent of Finland’s surface is covered by forests, and they contain a total of 2.5 billion cubic meters of wood. Forests play a key role in meeting climate, economic and biodiversity goals. Forests absorbe carbon dioxide, are central to biodiversity, provide raw materials for industry and produce versatile ecosystem services.

It is important that the utilization and protection of forests is based on scientific knowledge. The panel compiles information and produces scenarios on, among other things, wood-based product innovations and their added value, climate and biodiversity impacts of the forest sector, and the acceptability of forest use.

Sustainable growth from the EUs forest bioeconomy (pdf)

European forests play key roles in the green transition, including the supply of renewable raw materials, safeguarding biodiversity, and acting as carbon sinks and storages. The Finnish Forest Bioeconomy Science Panel suggests themes to which the next EU Commission 2024-2029 should pay attention.

Members of the panel:


Executive Vice President Antti Asikainen, Natural Resources Institute Finland, tel. +358 295 323 250

Unit Director Riikka Paloniemi, Finnish Environment Institute, tel. +358 295 251 493

Research Professor Tekla Tammelin, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, tel. +358 400562814

Other panelists:

Professor Markku Karjalainen, Tampere University

Professor Jari Liski, Finnish Meteorological Institute

Senior Lecturer Marileena Mäkelä, University of Jyväskylä

Professor Timo Muotka, University of Oulu

Senior Lecturer Leena Suopajärvi, University of Lapland

Dean Ritva Toivonen, University of Helsinki

Research Professor Liisa Tyrväinen, Natural Resources Institute Finland

Professor Esa Vakkilainen, LUT-university

Professor Jari Vauhkonen, University of Eastern Finland

Professor Pasi Virta, University of Turku

Professor Monika Österberg, Aalto-university